Tori Lawrence + Co.


A collaboration with Passepartout Duo (IT/US)

Opening in gallery Visningsrommet USF Saturday November 11th at 1800h. Will show until Sunday November 19th.

Founded in 2010 and directed by US based choreographer/filmmaker Tori Lawrence, TL+Co. is a group of collaborating movement artists, musicians, filmmakers, and designers.

USF Verftet proudly presents this project by Tori Lawrence + Co.

About the project

All bodies/substances exhibit and interact with some degree of magnetism, increasing or decreasing depending on distance, pressure, and temperature.

Magnetism also deals with attraction and repulsion, moving towards and away with differing degrees of force. Along with the directional maps of magnetic fields, these elements inform Tori Lawrence + Co’s dancers through a durational performance installation.

The choreography magnifies the embedded gestures of installed sound sculptures in the space, by musicians Passepartout Duo, taking something that’s ordinary and distorting it so that it reveals itself as a larger phenomena and starts reverberating.

This piece is also inspired by the physical location of USF and the sailboats that are docked along its pier – creating movement based upon physical experiments of force, energy, surface area, and direction – similar to how sails experience the magnitude of wind.

There will be a listening station by the sea where audience members can tune into Radio Multe while watching a dancer on a floating platform on the water.

More info TBA.