Sonja Ovaskainen

Garden of tears
1. – 10. mars 2024

Velkommen til utstillingsåpning fredag 1. mars kl 18.00

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I used to visit them all the time
these strong creatures
it took me eight summers to find the path that leads to their realm
I spent week after week mapping the rocks underneath
(those fish needed to get used to me)
black waterlily emerged in my dream telling me to follow the shiny fish
I started to pay more attention to how light reflects underneath

it was only when my favourite pony died
I was crying by the water

Garden of Tears is a place where fairy horses, mermaids and sea monsters live. It is a place where it is allowed to be sad, broken or lost.

inspired by childhood play, years of daydreaming and being a horsegirl

 the map appeared


Sonja Ovaskainen (1994, Finland) works with installation, sculpture, photography, and performance. She is using art as a manifestation of healing. She believes that empathy and playing are the key elements when facing the various issues of capitalism.
Lately, her main interest has been interaction: how to create an exchange between sculptural creatures and the person meeting them. She encourages the viewer to form a friendship with her creatures when releasing them in exhibitions.

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