Rhiannon Inman-Simpson

All blue after eyes closed in the bright

Velkommen til åpning fredag 17. april kl. 19.00.
Vises til søndag 26. april.
Åpningstider alle dager tirsdag – søndag kl. 12.00 – 17.00, torsdag til kl. 18.00.

Open Friday 17. April – Sunday 26. April.
Opening night: Friday 17. April 19-21.
Monday closed, Tuesday – Sunday 12-17, Thursday 12-18.

I pull the green vertically to the top edge and back down again, like a figure or a breath or just a feeling of being vertical in the world.

Night comes down creeping into me, soft tentacles of darkness making my verticality turn horizontal. A softness covers everything on these nights. There is still a hint of pink out there and I put it under the dry purple corner, just above the night. There are shipwrecks under the sand here. I bring the blue inside until it just about touches the pink. Shapes wrap around each other until they are holding each other close and I am radiating heat as I step out into the half light half awake cool breeze and wet grass on my feet.

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson (b. 1989, UK) explores the differences in how we navigate, both physically and imaginatively, three distinct realms: walking through a landscape, the pictorial space of a painting and the space of written language. Her current paintings dwell on visceral encounters between body and place.

She gained her BA from The Glasgow School of Art (2011) and MA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2016) and currently lives and works in Bergen.

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