23. juli – 1. august 2021

Velkommen til gruppeutstillingen Natural Nuances med glasskunst av Elke Karnik, Linda Morell, Jessie Blackmer, Ingrid Nord, Patricia Sichmanova, Beate Einen og Frantzsen&Mjanger.

Åpent kl. 15.oo – 20.00 hver dag, untatt mandag som er lukket. Gratis adgang.

This exhibition creates a confluence of artworks  from eight female  artists. Each work is exploring the natural world through the lense of glass, personal interpretation and perception. From the directly representative works of Elke Karnik, Linda Morell, Jessie Blackmer, and Ingrid Nord to the abstractions of Patricia Sichmanova , Beate Einen and Frantzsen&Mjanger.

In this exhibition the unseen is made tangible, the forgotten made archival, the hideous made shiny, and human experience becomes entwined in the natural world instead of a thing apart. Natural nuances creates an immersive experience that seeks to engage the viewers’ senses by providing the opportunity to touch small representative works, as well as an aural element in the form of an exhibition soundtrack with short musical interpretations, by Stephen Giedosh, of each visual artists’ contribution to the exhibition.