Kim Hankyul & Samuel Brzeski

Kim Hankyul & Samuel Brzeski - Death Rattle - i Visningsrommet USF - USF Verftet - Bergen

Death Rattle

Velkommen til åpning lørdag 2. mai kl. 18.00.
Vises til søndag 10. mai.
Åpent kl. 12.00 – 17.00 alle dager, unntatt mandag som er lukket.

Kim Hankyul and Samuel Brzeski will bring you ‘Death Rattle’. This new site specific and collaborative installation will combine sound making kinetic structures and text-based videos into a sprawling, moving, growling, speaking presence. Resonating and echoing sound sculptures will interact with hauntological voices of the disembodied spectre in a poetic narrative that falls out of joint, falls out of time.

This exhibition was kindly supported by Bergen Kommune and Norsk Billedkunstnere.

Kim Hankyul

Kim Hankyul mainly works on sound installations using the kinetic motor movement of wooden material as the source for making live sound. By juxtaposing mechanical strength and sonic vulnerability in one context, Kim interrogates the routine of violence observed in daily activities.
Kim Hankyul website.

Samuel Brzeski

Samuel Brzeski’s work elaborates on modes of embodied experiences of reading and writing. Focusing on the temporality of text, the voice and the video, his works explore the haunting nature of excessive repetition and the emotive potential of language and narrative.
Samuel Brzeski website.

Both artists live and work in Bergen.

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