Ingeborg Blom Andersskog & Maria Pääkkönen

Ingebjørg Blom Andersskog Maria Pääkkönen Visningsrommet USF - USF Verftet - Bergen

Drawing down the moon

A durational live drawing performance continued with an installation showing the remains of the performance

Opening hours of performance:
Wednesday 13th: Performance 12-18
Thursday 14th: Performance 12-18
Friday 15th: Performance 12-18
Saturday 16th: 12-18, both artists will be there and are available to the audience. Closing event from 18-19 (finissage).
Sunday 17th: Closed
Monday 18th: 12-16

Free entrance.

Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (NO) and Maria Pääkkönen (FI) met at Rejmyre Art Lab in Sweden in summer 2016, both participating at the Nordic Studio workshop “Clearcut”. The instant attraction to each other similarities in how to approach their surroundings and understanding of the world gave them the urge for working together. They presented their first collaboration You Are I Am You at Superb! -contemporary art festival in Turku, Finland in 2019.

At Visningsrommet USF they present a new work Drawing Down The Moon, that consists of durational live drawing performance continued with an installation showing the remains of the performance.

The performance part is based on improvisation, possibilities, uncertainty, togetherness and reacting to each other and whatever appears by drawing. Drawing can mean many things; it can be making a line or any kind of mark or trace with pencil, charcoal, body and pigment, or it can be just movement, drawing invisible lines in the space with the body. It can also take different forms what comes to the rhythm changing from slow and concentrated to fast and dynamic.

The bodily act spreads around the gallery space and the final days of the exhibition show the marks that are left behind of the two bodies and minds working silently through the process together.

Andersskog and Pääkkönen share an interest in ritualistic behavior and how to approach that topic and phenomena throughout the process of making art. In their new work they play with the concept of a ritual and how it relates to a artistic presentation and performance. There rises a question of possible similarities of a flow state, that can happen during an improvisation of long duration, and a ritualistic trance.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a central ritual of the same name (also known as drawing down the Goddess) in many contemporary Wiccan traditions. As a title it also refers to act of drawing or a drawing performance. In the Wiccan ritual, a coven’s High Priestess enters a trance and requests the Goddess, symbolized by the moon, to enter her body and speak through her. The name of the ritual most likely comes from a depiction of two women and the moon on an ancient Greek vase from the second century BCE.

Ingeborg Blom Andersskog

Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (1983, NO) experiments with body, space and material. The time and action of making plays an important role, where the dialogue between the material and her body, with their abilities and restrictions, work as a framework for her process driven practice. Through different mediums she plays with a visual and haptic contradiction. Inspired by the philosophy of Slow Art, Andersskog uses repetition and makes rules that serve as limitations. These can also be seen as rituals.
Through durational drawing performance where simple lines are repeated, every little movement affects the art works’ development.
Andersskog has exhibited nationally and internationally since she graduated at Bergen Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Some selected art spaces are Trafo Kunsthall, ØU2018, Kraft Gallery, Bergen, Bodø Kunstforening in Norway, Varg e vi, Center for Contemporary Art, Kosovo, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Boroda, India, LCAMalaga, Spain, ACO, Foo Tan Building, Hong Kong, Osbili Gallery, Berlin, Galleri 21, Malmö, Sweden and B-galleria, Turku, Finland. KORO has purchased her work.
Ingeborg Blom Andersskog website.

Maria Pääkkönen

Maria Pääkkönen (b. 1988, FI) is a visual artist currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She works with drawing, installation and drawing performance. The drawing process itself and the space in which it takes place play a significant part in her practice. She explores topics like impermanence, time, memory and landscape through her main material paper and its behaviour and fragility. The memory-based drawings construct spaces and atmospheres that hover in between imaginary, material and immaterial worlds.

After finishing her MFA in University of Arts Helsinki in spring 2016 she worked 15 months at Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, Netherlands, as a participant of the international residency program. Her work has been exhibited in Finland, Italy, Netherlands and Japan.
Maria Pääkkönen website.

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