Henna Nerg

15. – 24. september 2023

Velkommen til utstillingsåpning fredag 15. september kl. 18:00 – 21:00.
åpent alle dager kl. 12.00 – 17.00, untakk mandag som er lukket.
Gratis adgang.

Transplant is an exhibition which consist two soft sculpture insallations, transplant and icebergs, creating atmospheric environment from above and under the raising sea levels.

30 mattresses, 50 pillows and 50 duvets from paperless people’s homeless shelter. Plastic nets and fishing lines lifted from the sea.

Material has been shredded and modified by burning, cutting and sewing. Pieces are bind together – is it an act of love or brutality? Light reveals the excreta on the mattress covers and the dirty plastic robe they are forced together with. The flesh like pumps, which forms when meat is bind too tight or when you are wearing fishnets and you sit little bit too long.

Do you remember, when as a child you tight the string around your finger? Around and around, so many times, that in the end your finger is purple and you can feel your heart beat?

Disabled, crippled, captured, modified and forced bodies. You enter in the zone, the space where things are familiar but still abject and rejected. You want to recognize, but also don’t. Like when you wake up in the middle of the night and your clothes piled on chair sharpens before your eyes little bit too slow. The moment when you tip toe in a silent and dark house and you see something moving in the corner of your eye: reflection on a black window. When you have slept on your arm and you wake up that unrecognizable lump of meat wrapped around you and you don’t know at all what the fuck is going on.

Those moments which are uncomfortable as hell but still you want to go there and take a peak. Bliss and relief after unknowing.

After the relief, we forgot the core reason why we freaked out in the first place and the danger or uncomfortable truth no longer exists.

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