Henna Nerg

Verk av kunstner Henna nerg

Soft Border
15. – 24. september 2023

Velkommen til utstillingsåpning fredag 15. september kl. 18:00 – 21:00.
Åpent alle dager kl. 12.00 – 17.00, untatt mandag som er lukket.

Finissage Søndag 24. september kl. 17:00 – 21:00.

Gratis adgang.

Performances on the opening night by @pemograneta and @notrobot Rude Pixie/Sonja Ovaskainen

Finissage Sunday 24th of September: 17-21.
Danseren Neva Guido fra New York vil ha performance kl. 19 – 20 på finissagen:

Working within a durational improvisation score based in the question: how might I attend? New York based dancer Neva Guido will occupy the exhibition from 19-20hr at this Sunday’s finessement.
Audience members are encouraged both to watch and to think about watching, and to engage as they feel inclined to in alternate modes of participation that might be sparked by the question also posed to them: How are you attending? How do you want to attend? Guests are invited to come, go, and participate with gaze and body but not to touch.

– – – –

Henna Nerg (b.1991, Finland) is an artist who works in the field of sculpture and installation. In their practice, they combine found, and recycled materials in various ways. They work with contemporary socially engaged global phenomena, approached through a critical intersectional and ecofeminist viewpoint and recent attention has been on otherness. Audience participation is also a common element of their practice.

They work with the themes of otherness and rejected bodies of the mainstream. Those bodies can be seen as queer, non-fitting to the norm, and therefore somehow misfunctioning in society. An individual belonging to a marginalized group can easily lose their subject value, as we see the group, not the individual.

Queers, homeless, disabled, crippled, other animal species, rejected, invisible, unheard, misunderstood stories and bodies from the shadows.
Repurposed personal textile is a story archive, with its smudge and stains. The stain is the only proof that is left from the unarchived stories. Like our skin, it shelters, covers and borders, we keep it close to our bodies, and it catches our scent, shape, and even a portion of dead skin particles. It can be seen as a border. A soft border, but a border, nevertheless.

With material choices, they are exploring how to turn submissive material into dominant form. Even with the history of dominance and violence the material itself, the textile, leather, and skin, can be seen as submissive, or having only an object value. There is a similarity in how we deal with skin-covered marginalized bodies, the possibility of experiencing violence is evident.

The exhibition has been funded by Kulturrådet, and Greta and Alfred Runeberg Stiffelse.

Henna Nerg website: https://hennanerg.com/

Henna Nerg instagram: @paerttylinyyrikki2